What does the future of sound looks like?

Bizarre Sound Creatures is an artist-run interactive exhibition accompanied by workshops, lectures and performances to show the general public what musical instruments can mean today. The event attracted over 20.000 visitors in 2015 and 25.000 in 2016 and assemble more than 50 artists for 9 days of sound art and design exploration.

Organised with Arvid Jense and Sylvester Bruggink.

The vision of our initiative:

"A great mutation of sound producing objects has started. In this new digital era, matter is not a limit any more. Instruments are evolving into creatures of symbiotic interfaces, alien sounds, merged visuals,… It is time to make a journey through the most Bizarre Creatures of the Future Sound and experience for yourself a new musical universe."

See more on the event website and on this article.

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