What if we could grasp sound and shape it to our will?

Digital musical instrument can generate an infinity of different sounds. However, the interface of those instruments has mostly stayed in the realm of machinery controls with buttons and potentiometers. A new interface could change the way we play and perform music today. Shape of the instrument or gesture of the performer could influence sound directly. With the Formonium, a soundscape can be composed by changing the wave line of the instrument.

In collaboration with Arvid Jense.

Our latest version has premiered during Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 funded by Stimulerings Fonds. Earlier prototypes were shown during Dutch Design Week 2015 and performed at the North Sea Jazz Club of Amsterdam for Eureka festival 2015. The kid series is currently used by the Muziekgebouw Ant'Ai Amsterdam for contemporary music workshops.

If you are curious about the research than led to this project, see this article or visit our research blog.

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