Body sound tuning. What if movement could control sound?

MBO-D is a performance where three persons attempt to tune sound by harmonizing their body movement through a yoga routine.The movement and position of the performers are tracked with a Nintendo WiiMote. Depending on the performers' movements, the device will trigger different sounds. A stable musical state can only be reached when the performers achieve balance in their respective position. Thus it takes mental and physical effort to harmonically tune the sounding bodies on stage.

One week group project during the Hacklab of the CTM festival Berlin 2015 with Giampaolo Costagliola, Maximilian Weber, Diana Combo and Fanni Fazakas.

What does tuning a machine mean? Our group discussions led us to notice how the effort of tuning a system not always visible.

From the introduction of the CTM festival magazine, by Jan Rohlf: "To tune accordingly always implies the optimization of a system comprised of several components, i.e. the attainment of its maximum efficiency free of interference, by placing the individual components in predefined harmonic relation to one another. In this scenario, complete consonance or unanimity represents fine-tuning at its most extreme."

We decided to use our bodies to materialize this act of tuning which is emphasized by choosing yoga as a movement vocabulary.

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