How can we design for lives that we don’t understand, for other species? Many animals live in entirely man-made environments but do we really know how they experience farms or the world in general?

While researching pigs and music on the Pigstrument project, I found it fascinating to design for a very different life experience than my own. However, I had to take radical measures to understand the world I would be designing for and so I tried to become a pig for a day.

In collaboration with the farm Vair.

The Pig Empathy Suit can give designers, farmers and even the general public a glimpse of what it is to be a farm pig. The suit is built to recreate a pig’s position (you will be comfortable on four legs in straw or mud) and to become a socially functional pig. Personaly, the experience was rich and informed me about the perspective of a pig in concrete and intuitive ways. Later on, I used the knowledge I gained from this experience to design a musical intsrument for pigs.

To recreate this experience yourself, visit the open-source The Pig Empathy Suit manual.
The Pig Empathy Suit and the Pigstrument were shown with the galery + - 0,0 for the exhibition Prasinec in Žilina, Slovakia in 2017.

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